Post to Post  was founded in 1988 by Roby Stahl as Post to Post International Striker School. Post to Post has expanded to create a one stop shop with multiple soccer-pathways. Roby's observation 31 years ago in the lack of attention to the development of strikers, and goal scorers from the grass roots to the paid professional led to the creation of Post to Post.  The Post to Post curriculum was and  is designed to teach  how to apply bio-mechanical corrective movements and critical kinematic sequencing to achieve maximum power with consistent accuracy in front of goal. The curriculum addresses motion and technical ability when and  how to receive, prepare and execute. The ability to strike a ball correctly will be scientifically analyzed followed by a custom regimen of  activities to improve mechanics and build confidence in small spaces. 

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CEO & Director of Soccer & Collegiate Programs


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Roby Stahl's methodology is noted as one of the most professional and sophisticated worldwide. This includes recognition from FIFA, and National teams here, and abroad.  Roby has developed this unique ... READ MORE. 

Founder & Executive Director of Youth Development




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