2020 Locations

June 14-18, Naperville, IL: Register Here

June 14-18, Costa Mesa, CA: Register Here

June 22-26, Raleigh, NC: Register Here

June 28 - July 2, Delaware, OH: Register Here

July 12-16, Hamilton, NY: Register Here

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July 12-16, Hamilton, NY: Register Here

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Ages 8-18 • Prices Vary By Location

Powered by US Soccer legend Tony DiCicco's SoccerPlus Camps, the goalkeeper program is a comprehensive, challenging teaching of the goalkeeper position in a high-level functional training environment. This program trains the goalkeeper based on where their level is, and then teaches at higher levels while focusing on the technical and tactical progressions required to be successful. The program is guaranteed to challenge every level of goalkeeper and groups are organized by age and then fine-tuned by ability to create a dynamic training group with an experience and talented staff coach. This program is unique and develops proper skills, while instilling a more sophisticated understanding of the goalkeeper position. Additionally, the program trains game situations to assist the keeper in reading an elite level match, and brings to light ideas surrounding physical conditioning, leadership techniques and voice communication. Keepers leave with a higher level of understanding toward the goalkeeper position and a high sense of self-confidence that will aid them on and off the field. To learn more, please visit our partners page at




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