The Post to Post ID program offers you the big picture, and a proven pathway ...

  • Exposure: It is quite simple, if a college coach doesn’t know who you are, regardless of how qualified academically and athletically you are, you cannot and will not be recruited. Recruiting Process Education: It's frustrating, it's time consuming, it's elusive… We will guide you through it with our AOS College jump start course.

    Opportunity:  Connecting student athletes with collegiate coaches & International scouts.  

  • International: Study & Play Abroad - The ability to study for their bachelors or Masters degrees in the United Kingdom while training and playing with professional soccer clubs.

  • Soccer Pathway: A true player development pathway for student athletes aspiring to play at the next level.


Designed for athletes aspiring to play at the next level. 


This is your chance to be recognized and participate in a 3-days, totaling 18 hours of interaction with training sessions run by College & Professional International Scouts. More international students’ study in the USA than any other country, and for good reason. The American born student athlete is competing for scholarship opportunities against all these Internationals. We are looking to give the American born player life-changing opportunities and alternatives from US Universities to the Study & Play Abroad program.   

We are not like any other ID camp out there. Most ID camps you show up, and you are just a number. The Post to Post ID way we offer the student athlete Opportunities, Exposure, Guidance & Training. At the same time the ID camper can receive college development prior to the ID Camp which is over 48 hours of college coaching & interaction.

All our ID campers will receive the AOS (Athlete of Significance) JumpStart Leadership and Recruiting Education course. JumpStart is an online course that will guide you through the introduction to sports leadership and the college recruiting process. As an additional benefit, the AOS JumpStart program provides students with 500 tuition reward points. The tuition rewards program through AOS is a unique private college savings program.

AOS tuition rewards points are discounts off tuition at participating private colleges and universities, which are classified as merit-based scholarships and accepted at over 400 private colleges and universities across America! The AOS JumpStart program is just the beginning; the full AOS Leadership & Recruitment Online Experience takes athletes on a journey to discover their Motives, Influence, Time, Awareness, and Outcomes. By instilling these concepts into athletes, they develop into athletes that are responsible, focused, collaborative, and persistent - the most prominent characteristics needed to be a great leader on and off the field, making them more recruit able. As a Post to Post camp participant, you will receive a personal discount cost for the full AOS Leadership and Recruitment Online Experience.

Post to Post connects you with those who are aligned to come on-board with the sole goal of helping with the big picture. We work with clubs and college coaches to bridge the gap for their serious players to be recruited. We are already impacting how a player moves from the youth to the college level, but we will soon streamline everything and completely change how the recruiting process is handled across the country. Even the most talented players need to take it seriously. Don't make the mistake of doing this on your own.                             



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