The new CAP college development scouting identification program is our Elite scouting- referral youth pipe-line to Collegiate & European professional clubs.  The program is designed to establish an alternative that will give talented players with collegiate and professional aspirations the best opportunity to pursue their dreams and continue their education. The PTP events expose players to a vast network of Collegiate, Professional and National team coaches.

The academy provides high-level playing opportunities for the ambitious and elite players. This club-complementing training and playing program pools the top players in the club. This concept is aimed at increasing the levels of our players which in turn will help increase the level of our club teams. The Academy is a pathway for ambitious and elite players that are selected who are looking to play at the next level, at college recruitment, with possibilities of playing beyond that.

The Academy teams will get the opportunity to play in several top tournaments across the country. College scouts regularly attend Academy games, and training sessions so players are evaluated over the course of the season and in their natural positions.

  • The players can play on their club rosters

  • They will train together over the summer 

  • One college work shop night

  • Online SAT/ACT courses with USAP 

  • Professional player profiles 

  • Tournament play opportunities 

  • A fitness and nutrition programs

  • Testing to see progression

  • European & College Tours opportunities

  • College prep development approach

  • Players are placed for their ability

  • Their club patch/logo is displayed on kits




 PHONE  253.441.0915